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things by tori rose wright

Hello! My name is Tori Rose Wright and I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Sydney, Australia.

I love dressing up and planning costumes so much! Why can’t I be a shiny pastel alien girl all the time? 

Today I’m celebrating 800 followers on tumbles and the gram. I can’t believe the support and kind words I receive from you all about my art, it means so much to me, thankyou. ✨💖

I love your artwork. Your gals are friggin cute and got thick bodies like me! LOVELOVE!

Awww thankyou for such a sweet message!
I love drawing my girls in all different shapes and sizes, with large hips or big arms and what some people consider “flaws” like freckles and stretchmarks. I do this because I love drawing them but also to promote body positivity in my own little way!
These girls are actually teaching me about what beauty is and how having a little or a big tummy is beautiful, how things we’ve been told are “flaws” are actually what makes us unique and beautiful. If I can make anyone else feel that way from my art my heart would be very full :)